Governance and management of shareholder disputes

We help our clients analyse their situation and come up with strategies to resolve these conflicts, followed by their voluntary or court-ordered implementation.


We have set up a specialist cross-sector team covering all legal aspects of disputes between shareholders:

On the basis of objectives defined with our clients, they benefit from our methodological tools and our negotiation or legal techniques, as well as our feedback.


Disputes between Shareholders: our fields

  • Disputes between founder shareholders
  • Disputes within family firms
  • Disputes between operational shareholders and professional investors
  • Manager’s divestment of the capital and management of a company
  • Implementation of a shareholder agreement and/or statutes

Find more information in our portal entirely dedicated to governance and management of shareholders disputes :

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A few of our lawyers’ recent cases involving disputes between shareholders

  • Divestment of the historic shareholder base of an industrial company controlled by an investment fund
  • Setting up of new governance in a family company
  • Split of a service company following a strategic divergence
  • Legal action against a shareholder concerning the interpretation of the provisions of an agreement
  • Divestment of a shareholder in a consultancy firm


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The Team



  • Sylvain PAVILLET


  • Marc GERVAIS
  • Fanny LAYRISSE
  • Yahia MERAKEB
  • Antoine MONTEILLET